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Reflective gel polish, 7 ml

The Shimeria collection - reflective gel polishes with an explosive shine of thousands of diamonds at your fingertips. The multifaceted shimmer looks great without direct light, but when it hits bright light, it begins to emit a magical mesmerizing shimmer. Gel polishes from the Shimeria collection have a dense color base and a lot of sparkling glitters that give a manicure a unique shine and shine. The coatings are perfectly applied, adhere perfectly to the nail plate.

How to use: Prepare your nails: remove the gloss with a soft buff, degrease, apply a primer. Apply base, cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds, in UV lamp for 1 minute. Apply a thin layer of gel polish, cure in an LED lamp for 60 seconds, in a UV lamp for 2 minutes. If necessary, apply a second coat of gel polish, polymerize in the same way. Apply top, cure in LED lamp for 30 seconds, in UV lamp for 2 minutes. If the top is sticky, remove the dispersion.

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Product characteristics
Volume 7 ml
Gel polish
Shade Gold and silver
Effect Reflective
Price in reward points: 370
Reward Points: 11.10
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