Saeshin - devices for manicure and pedicure - - buy in PROFMIX online store

Electrographite brushes for micromotor (handpiece) Strong set, 2 pcs
Model: 39102
The brushes are suitable for all types of Strong handpieces. Electrogr..
Set of original bearings for Strong handles, 4 pcs
Model: 39100
1 790.00р.
Bearing set for Strong 102, 102L, 105, 107, 120, 120II handles The ..
Speed controller for devices Strong
Model: 39104
Speed controller for devices Strong..
Strong 102 handpiece
Model: str-102nkn
9 800.00р.
The Strong 102 handpiece, thanks to its powerful micromotor, has a cut..
Strong 105 handpiece
Model: str-105nkn
9 800.00р.
The Strong 105 handpiece has a maximum rotation speed of 35,000 rpm, a..
Strong 107II handpiece
Model: str-107nkn
15 150.00р.
The Strong 107II handpiece is equipped with a powerful micromotor that..
Strong 120 handpiece
Model: str-120nkn
8 500.00р.
The Strong 120 handpiece has a rotation speed of up to 30,000 rpm and ..
Strong 210/105, manicure / pedicure machine (with pedal, in bag)
Model: 34453
14 850.00р.
The Strong 210 / 105L device is designed for manicure, pedicure and na..
Strong Power Button
Model: 39120
Strong Power Button..
Strong, apparatus 210 / 105L, 64 W (without pedal, in a bag)
Model: 34454/1
13 900.00р.
Compact apparatus for manicure, pedicure and nail extension Strong 210..
Strong, Strong 211 / H400RU, with pedal
Model: 34454/2
17 150.00р.
The device with a pedal is designed for manicure and pedicure. It was ..
Strong, Strong 90N / 102 apparatus (with pedal, in box)
Model: 34450
13 900.00р.
Compact machine for manicure and pedicure procedures, power 64 W, rota..
Transformer for the control unit of the Strong 90 apparatus
Model: strong90-trans
2 800.00р.
Output voltage 32V, current 1.1A. Original products made by Saeshin Ko..
Saeshin - devices for manicure and pedicure - - buy in PROFMIX online store

The South Korean company Saeshin is represented by a wide line of continuously improving instruments and includes professional devices for pedicure and manicure of the highest quality. They have long become popular both among masters in salons and among those who like to carry out procedures at home. Reliable and trouble-free operating devices delight with low vibration and noise levels, high torque and the ability to accurately control the speed (up to 35,000 rpm).

Devices for manicure and pedicure have compact dimensions due to a miniature handle built into the control unit, which easily changes the angle of inclination and rotates in different directions. These appliances combine high power with ease of use. You can turn on the micromotor manually or with a foot pedal. The devices have received many positive reviews for their convenience, safety, ergonomic design and excellent electronics.

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