Zinger, Vitamin Nails Cocktail SR-06 (NC20), 12 ml.

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Brand: Zinger

Vitamin cocktail 2 in 1 "Deep nutrition" NC-20 Intensive nutrition and hydration of sensitive cuticles and nails.

Main ingredients: Almond oil is a unique natural extract that instantly moisturizes and nourishes the nail plate and softens the cuticle, significantly improves the condition of very dry nails. Vitamins E, F - maintain natural moisture in nails and cuticles and protect them from drying out. Lemon oil - strengthens and protects the nail and the skin around it, has antiseptic properties.

An intensive fortified product that moisturizes sensitive or irritated cuticles, enhancing its protective and water-retaining properties. Additionally softens and helps to reduce inflammation. In addition, it helps to strengthen the nail plates, eliminates brittleness and gives the nails elasticity. Contains unique essential oils and natural antioxidants, which, as a result of regular use, accelerate the regeneration of keratin, thanks to which weakened nails quickly restore strength, tone and a delicious healthy shine.

Application: 1. Apply a small amount of oil to a clean nail surface and cuticle area. 2. Massage the oil gently over the nail surface and cuticle. Massaging movements promote better absorption and stimulate nail growth. 3. If after using the product you plan to use varnish, degrease the surface of the nails.

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